RTJ Orifice Plates

RTJ Orifice Plate
RTJ Orifice Plates

Ring Type Joint (RTJ) orifice plates are recommended for clean liquids, gases and low velocity steam flows.

RTJ orifice plates incorporate integral gaskets for installation between ring-type joint flanges. Based on proven technology, there are no moving parts and they are suitable for high-temperature and high-pressure applications.

Plate thickness depends on line size and differential pressure and should be sufficient to prevent the plate from deforming under operating conditions.

RTJ type orifice plates may be machined in one piece, or alternatively from two pieces, with an orifice plate screwed onto a carrier ring/gasket.

  • Orifice plates can be made from 304, 316, or other alloys in accordance with customer drawings as required.
  • RTJ type orifice plates can be supplied complete with ANSI B16.36 orifice flanges.
  • Plate and handle are either one-piece seamless design or the handle is welded to the plate – depending on size and ASME class.
  • Flange ASME class and other standard info is stamped on the handle.

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