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About the Venturi 3500 | Venturi 3500 Dimensions | Specifications

(ASME Classical)

• Venturi ends available as flanged (any rating). Weld, groove, graylock, other.
• Throat section can be provided in any material.
• Available in carbon steel, stainless steel, PVC and other alloys.

Background: The Classical Style Venturi Tube was first developed as a practical differential pressure producing device for flow measurement by Clemens Herschel in 1887. Since that time it has been universally accepted as the most efficient primary device available. No other type of Venturi or flow tube design has been more thoroughly researched, tested, and proven than the Classical style.

Design: The Classical Style Venturi Tube consists of (1) a straight inlet section of the same diameter as the pipe and in which the high pressure tap is located; (2) a converging conical inlet section in which the cross section of the stream decreases and the velocity increases in conjunction with an increase of velocity head and decrease of pressure head; (3) a cylindrical throat section containing the low pressure tap in which the flow velocity is neither increasing nor decreasing; and (4) a diverging recovery cone in which velocity decreases and the decreased velocity head is recovered as pressure head. Recovery cone may be truncated to reduce weight and overall laying length as permitted by ASME standards. For ASME, "long form" configuration, outlet or "diffuser" cone can be elongated to maximize pressure recovery. Also available fabricated as a "bi-directional" Venturi with additional metering tap.

Accuracy: The Classical Venturi is designed to have an uncalibrated inaccuracy of +/- 0.75 percent of flow. Accuracy of +/- 0.25 percent can be obtained when the Venturi is calibrated at a recognized hydraulics laboratory. Venturis of same design have a predictable discharge coefficient and repeatability of +/- 0.2 percent regardless of line size or beta ratio.


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