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About the Oripac Model 5300 Dimension Sheet Tech Support Sheet
Part No. Reference System Specification Sheet Installation Instructions

Suggested Specifications:
This specification describes a differential pressure type of metering primary for the main line metering of liquid, gas or steam in a _____" pipe. The orifice plate flow meter "Oripac Model 5300" wafer type unit shall include high & low metering taps utilizing a "corner tap" configuration. Orifice primary shall meet or exceed ASME requirements for corner style metering taps with regards to accuracy, tolerances & calculations. A flow vs differential pressure curve shall be provided for each set of flow conditions.

The orifice metering primary shall be suitable for installation between standard ANSI flanges (any rating/material) mounted on standard pipe (any material). The unit shall be "self centering" within the bolt circle of the flanges. No alignment of the orifice shall be necessary. Drilling and or tapping of the main or flanges will not be allowed or required. The overall laying length shall be 1.25" including pre-attached ring type 1/8" thick Buna "N" Gaskets. Other gasket materials available upon request.

Normal flow rate of ____SCFM or ____ PPH or ____GPM at a differential pressure to be determined by Lambda Square Inc. at pressures & temperatures provided by engineer and calculated by Lambda Square Inc.

The Oripac Model 5300 primary element shall be monolithic (single piece)
constructed entirely of 300 series ss. Metering connections shall be 1/8" or 1/4" NPT female taps. Hose barb connections or extension nipples may be threaded to high & low pressure connections if desired.

The orifice primary shall be precision calculated, bored and bench calibrated to ASME & ISO specifications yielding a predictable accuracy of +/- 0.6 % of full scale flow. Calculations shall be performed by Lambda Square Inc. to determine exact differential & headloss at full scale & normal flow conditions. Calculation formulas shall be based on ASME guidelines. The orifice primary shall be tested under similar conditions for at least 20 years and shall be equal in all respects to ORIPAC Model 5300 as manufactured by Lambda Square Inc. of Babylon, NY.

Calculations for pressure loss may be performed in conjunction with the Oripac flow calculations by Lambda Square Inc. The overall pressure loss and differential pressure shall be determined at maximum & normal flow conditions. The permanent headloss shall be within the requirements of the application, and determined by the engineer in conjunction with Lambda Square Inc.

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Lambda Square, Inc. specializes
in the manufacture of differential pressure flow measurement equipment including venturi tubes, orifice plate and orifice flanges, meter tubes, orifice holding blocks, orifice restriction unions, sanitary plates, single and dual chamber fittings, ASME flow nozzles, manifolds, straightening vanes, elbow flow meters, seal pots and many other liquid, gas and steam control products.
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