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Available as an alternative to orifice flange unions. Orifice holding blocks are manufactured specifically for use in severe or caustic service applications. Available in Teflon, Kynor, Stainless, Monel, Brass, Nickel, PVC, CPVC and many other alloys.

150#, 300#, 600#, 900#, 1500#, 2500# ANSI rating in all pipe sizes. Also ideal for use in brass, fiberglass, PVC, iron and sheet metal duct as a practical alternative to orifice flange union piping systems.

When ordering please specify: Quantity: (Normally sold in sets) nominal line size: ANSI rating (150lb. standard - other ratings available) line I.D. or pipe schedule: Material of construction.

Meets A.G.A. / A.S.M.E. / I.S.A. Flange Tap location requirements Standard 150lb. ANSI rating availability in all sizes. All pressure ratings available.
No field drilling or tapping required.
Ideal for "Lined Piping" in caustic service
Ideal for installation between Stub-Ends
Lighter weight and more economical than stainless steel or exotic alloy orifice flanges.
Availability in 1/4" THRU 24" line. Uses standard Lambda paddle type Orifice plate.

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Lambda Square, Inc. specializes
in the manufacture of differential pressure flow measurement equipment including venturi tubes, orifice plate and orifice flanges, meter tubes, orifice holding blocks, orifice restriction unions, sanitary plates, single and dual chamber fittings, ASME flow nozzles, manifolds, straightening vanes, elbow flow meters, seal pots and many other liquid, gas and steam control products.
Please contact Lambda Square with any questions concerning design and custom manufacture.
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