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Steam Illinois Power Station 13' Meter run P-11 AAH pipe 6" Nozzle Flow Meter Run P-11 (6 pcs)
Water Hi Press/Low flow range (Gas & Liquid) 1/2" Orifice Meter Run & Gages
Air Lo Press Loss (2") Insert Venturi 3" CV Series Venturi
Chemical Hi temp/corrosive fluid-Monel Material/spiral gaskets 1.5" Oripac (Monel) Several
Water Outdoor application-Lo Temp (DRShan) Bolts/flanges 8" & 10" OFU C/C w/L-7 lo temp options
Air Balancing Air flow line 1.5" PTOPS - 24 + pieces
Helium Metering wide range of Helium Flow 2" PTOP Several Pieces
Water Advanced Photon - Linear accelerator water testing 1/2" - 3/4" Oripac 5300 - Several 100
Steam Fuel Cell Testing - Weld in design 1/4" - 2" Oripac 5300 - Several 100
Methanol Internal testing and metering at chemical plant 1", 4", 6" assorted sizes PTOP & OFU
Various Testing Aircraft components varying conditions Small size Venturis with NIST calibration
Air ABB-CE Engrs. Custom two bevel orifice meters 3", 4" and misc. Several pcs.and material
CIP liquid Flow restriction to injection nozzles and baffles -(Teflon) 1" - 2" All TEFLON plates (Over 60 units)
Helium Lo Temp Helium - Testing Super Magnets 1/2" Venturi with ASME Calibration
Air w/foam Air/Foam Mixture metering-special taps 16", 20", 24", & 26" Model 2300 Venturis
Steam Large Venturis for Billing all 316 ss (extra flanges) 24" ASME Venturis w/flanges - 3 units w/calibration
CO 2 Restriction of pressure viton O ring unions 1/4" - 2" Restriction Unions
Water Supply pipe Train/miscellaneous fittings Pipe run w/ OFU/PTOP elbows/fittings, etc.
Air Simplex Orifice section for aircraft part testing 4" Meter run section, Inc. Pipe, Valves, Elbows
Air Canalta Orifice fitting for testing aircraft parts 6" S/80 Inc Straightening vanes, etc
Water Process Monitoring of water flow 1/2" & 1" PTOP/Flanges
Air Air flow testing in Wind Tunnel - High Velocity 1-20" Model 2300 Venturi
Glycol Custom Bi-Directional Venturi used for billing 24" Model 2300 -Custom/ with NIST calibration
Benzine Staged restriction orifice meter run 3/4" welded pipe run w/6 stages
Gas Mix Gas Mixture - Custom 30" FRP Venturi 30" Model 2300 Venturi
Water Water stripping/metering in packaging plant 1"-2"-3" Many units with readout gages
Water Hi Temp Water measurement - in plant testing 1.5" Brass V Series Venturi
Liquid Power plant in Poland - Upgrade/Addition 2", 4", 6" 8" 10" PTOP & OFU/Various materials
Steam 1000 deg sup heat steam - off boilers Various size PTOPS for OFU's
Various Liquids/Gases various Testing and measuring 1.5", 4", 6" PTOP & 600# OFU's (C/S & SS)
Air Measuring flow and reducing duct from square to round 16" Model 2300 Venturi - Square to Round duct
Steam Alternative fuel testing and development 1" Oripac Model 5300
Fuel Measurement of fuel in Missle Guidance Sonic nozzles - Special material/machining
Nat Gas Metering of Nat Gas for fuel in automobiles 1/4" Brass Nozzle 5000 units supplied
Water Special Oripac Ecc Bore/Bi Dir. Precision Metering 24" Oripac 5300 - 2 pcs. w/ NIST Calibration
Air Duct Air flow measurement in large paper mill 30" Model 2300 Venturi - FRPw/steel throa
Air/Water Flow meters for building expansion (copper pipe mnt) 4", 3", 2", 6", Oripac 5300 many units
Air/Gas Air measurement with output -Elect/Transmitters 20-30 3/4" Units - on going applications
Water Plant in Italy - Pump water flow testing 8" ASME Venturi C/S Flanged Ends
Water Flow Restrictor - Pressure dissipator 3" & 8" PTOP - Several of each
Cool Water cooling turbines/pressure restriction Various size Model 5300 Oripacs
Water Cooling water Measurement 2", 3", 4", 6" Venturi with NIST Calibrated
Water Water flow balancing from manifold 2" Venturi Model 2300 10 units-NIST Calibrated
Water Flow Restriction & measurement 2" PTOP/Flanges1.5"& 2" Restrictor tubes
Air Remediation of contaminated soil - extraction wells 2" and other sizes- several 100 units
LF Gas Landfill gas measurement as part of wellhead assembly 2" 3" 4" Oripac 4150-P Sereral 1000 units +
Air Very Lo Flow - Used on Aircraft cabin press. Measure 4" Elbow flow meter - custom designed all SS
Steam Large plant heating expansion 6" Model 5300 All ss- 8 units/spares
D.I. Water Reverse Osmosis - creating drinking water Various Sizes - 316 ss
Air Remediation of contaminated soil - extraction wells 3" Model 5300 - several units
Oxygen Metering in mask for breathing 1" Line custom - Several 100 units
Water Measuring process water Airport expansion (Stas) 8" ASME Venturi - Flanged ends-4 units
Air National Gas Machinery Lab Duct Air flow measuring 2", 18", 24" Nozzle/Venturi/PTOP/OFU
Air Pulp/Paper research institute testing 1/2" ss Venturi
Air Space Shuttle installation - fuel consumption 1/4" Brass custom Venturi
Air Internal process plant air metering-compete system 16" and 12" Oripac 5300 SS custom transmitter
Oil Offshore Exploration Project/Oil Refining & Production 3" ASME Flow Nozzles - SS/Sch 80 pipe
Water Electron Measurement for high voltage storage rings 1.5" Brass Venturis with automatic Switches
Water Cooling Water (Framatom) Various applications 2" Oripac 5300 - 2 pcs
Steam Condensate chambers for existing orifice/flange 3"x11" Condensate Chambers- all ss- 8 units
Steam Process steam measurement (P.Jones) 6" PTOP & OFU - Several units/Sizes
Nat Gas Several internal metering applications/Liquid & Gas 14" &12" Pitot/3" Orifice Meter Run/Calibration
Water Seal pots for Steam Installation Custom Seal Pots/Condensate Chambers
R-22 Refrigerant flow measurement Air Force Base 8" Oripac 5300 3 pcs Teflon Gaskets
Fluid Corrosive liquid metering Titanium material 1.5" Titanium/4" /6" PVC Custom Oripacs
Water Measuring cooling H20 for large turbines (US Government) 2" - 10" Model 5300 approx 50 units
  700 psi/1200 deg F Air Force base - Test meter R&D 8" Venturi all 316 S/120 316 ss 1500# ends
Air Testing Blowers in house