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Through our strategic alliance with NIST certified calibration facilities, Lambda Square offers complete and detailed flow calibration covering a wide array of flow meters. We can arrange for calibration of not only differential pressure type meters, but other technologies as well.

Flow calculations and curves are generally provided with all Lambda differential flowmeters.

Calibration is available on meters purchased originally from Lambda in addition to other flow meter manufacturers.

Our capabilities range as follows:

Line Size: 1/8 to 60
Fluids: All liquids, Gas, Steam
Pressures: Ambient 10,000 PSI
Temp: -20 deg F 500 deg F
Flows: 0-5,000 gpm (Liquid) 0-5,000 cfm (gases)
Standards: MIL-STD 45662A, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1, ISO 9002, 10 CFPR B.
Accreditation: NIST, ISO/IEC 17025:1999
Meter Types: Orifice, Venturi, Nozzle, Ultrasonic, Magnetic, Vortex, Turbine, Pitot, Elbow, Positive Displacement
Additional services include testing to determine pressure drop and permanent headloss, 3 D modeling, on site analysis and calibration, etc.

Please complete the application data sheet listing your requirements and FAX it to us for an evaluation and quotation.
Download the Application Data Form: LS_Application_Data_Form.pdf (46kb)

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Lambda Square, Inc. specializes
in the manufacture of differential pressure flow measurement equipment including venturi tubes, orifice plate and orifice flanges, meter tubes, orifice holding blocks, orifice restriction unions, sanitary plates, single and dual chamber fittings, ASME flow nozzles, manifolds, straightening vanes, elbow flow meters, seal pots and many other liquid, gas and steam control products.
Please contact Lambda Square with any questions concerning design and custom manufacture.
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