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Lambda Square was incorporated in 1986 as a manufacturer of differential pressure flow measurement equipment. The company founder has been active in the differential pressure flow measurement industry since the 1950's.

Lambda Square markets its line of differential pressure flow meters through a network of re-sellers, sales representatives, distributors and OEM's, as well as direct to end users for certain products.

Lambda Square has aligned ourselves with strategic fabrication partners enabling us to meet all D/P flow measurement applications.
Our capabilities and machining equipment are constantly evolving as a result of the technological changes and engineering requirements.

(Higher capacity available to meet all requirements)
Maximum Diameter: 9'
Maximum Length: 40'
Maximum Weight: 30,000 #
Fabrication Bays: (1) 50'x120' (2) 25'x50', others available.
Rolling Capacity: Subcontracted
Crane Capacity: Yes
Heat Treating: Subcontracted
Blast and Painting: Yes
(Carbon, Low Alloy, Chrome-Moly, Stainless, Aluminum, High Nickel Alloys)
Code Inspection: Subcontracted

Vertical lathes to 56", Horizontal lathes to 45", Milling, Drilling (Manual and Automatic), Four (4) Mazak computer controlled lathes, Cell-con CNC horizontal machining center, Automatic stenciling
NDT Capabilities: PTC, P4, RT, MT, UT, X-RAY, others available : Third Party
NDT Qualifications: Level 3: Third Party
Hydro Test Equipment: Up to 10,000 PSIG or higher

Machine Shop: 40 - 50, including fabrication partners.
Employees-Engineering/Drafting: 1 to 3
Union Affiliation: None

CNC Machining (Computer Numerical Control):
1 each Omax Jet Machining (Auto-Cad Water Jet Cutting System)
1 each Mazak QT1 SN Slant Bed Turning Center
1 each Mazak QT28N Slant Bed Turning Center
1 each Mazak QT4ON Slant Bed Turning Center
1 each CellCon H15 Horizontal Machining Center
Darwoo Puma 300C CNC Turmoe Center

1 each Mighty Turn 1 860E 28"x60" Engine Lathe w/Taper and Threading
1 each LeBlond 1 8"x32" Engine Lathe w/Gap Bed
1 each Central DSL-12376H 18"x30" Engine Lathe w/Gap Bed
1 each WMW 45"x96" Engine Lathe w/Taper
1 each Reed Printice 22"xl 05" Engine Lathe w/Taper
1 each Tuda Hysan 20"x80" Engine Lathe w/Gap Bed and Digital
1 each Nardini MS 1 640E 1 6"x40" Engine Lathe w/Gap Bed and Taper
1 each Warner & Swasey M-1950 3A Turret Lathe
1 each Schiess 36" Vertical Turret Lathe w/46" Swing
1 each Bulard 42" Cut Master Vertical Turret lathe w/56" Swing

1 each Van Norman 9" x 38" Vertical/Horizontal Mill
1 each Cincinnati Model 2M Horizontal Mill
1 each Cincinnati Model #4 Horizontal Mill

1 each Bowers 24" Automatic Flange Marker
1 each Babin 36" Automatic Flange Marker

1 each Babin Model 24 Circle-Matic Automatic Bolt Circle Drill w/Tapping
1 each Babin Model 24EE Circle-Matic Automatic Bolt Circle Drill
1 each Babin Model 12 Circle-Matic Automatic Bolt Circle Drill
1 each Natco 12" 16-Spindle Gang Drill
1 each Central DSR-750S 8"x38" Radial Drill
1 each Fosdick Fosmatic 15"x60" Radial Drill w/ 'L' Base
1 each Ikeda RM1300 13"x48" Radial Drill
1 each Tai Pun 8"x48" Radial Drill
1 each Jet JDP- 1 4M Table Drill
2 each WT 1200124 12-Speed Floor Drill
1 each Rockwell 1" Capacity Floor Drill
1 each Yuasa 550-007 8" Super Spacer
1 each Yuasa 24" Indexer
1 each American 36" Rotary Table
1 each Mohawk 3" Semi-Automatic Drill Grinder w/Coolant System

1 each DoA1I Zephyr 36" Vertical Friction Saw
1 each DoA11 Zephyr 36-W 36" Vertical Band/Friction Saw w/Hydraulic Feed Table
1 each DoA11 C1213A 13" Horizontal Bank Saw w/Auto Power Feed & Parts Counter

1 each Wysong & Miles #600 6"x234" Dual Belt Sander/Polisher
1 each Curtis 6"xl 84" Belt Sander/Polisher
1 each Beach 6"x138" Belt Sander/Polisher
1 each Boice Crane 6"xl 14" Belt Sander/Polisher
1 each Woodmaster Tools 4"x 66" Belt Sander/Polisher
1 each Burr King 850230 2"x 48" Belt Sander

1 each Collins 22A Tread-O-Matic Pipe Threader

1 each Mitutoya Surface Roughness Tester
1 each Mitutoya Orifice Tap Hole Micrometer
1 each Mitutoya Custom Built Meter Tube Bore Gauge
5 each Custom Built Eccentricity Gauge Sets
1 Lot Brown & Sharp, Bunnen, Mitutoya Bore Gauges, I.D. Micrometers, O.D. Micrometers, Veneers, and Scales

Welding Equipment:

1 each Lincoln Idealarc TIG300/300 AC/DC Welder w/Miller Coolant System
1 each Hobart TR-300-HF 300 AMP AC/DC Arc Welder w/Coolant System
1 each Hobart RC-65ORVS 650 AMP DC Welder w/Coolant System and Bernard Cart Boom
1 each Ransom Submerged Arc Welding System w/6" x 6' Manipulator, Linde Wire Feed, and VI-1000AM DC Power Source
2 each Miller CP-300 DC Arc Welder
2 each Lincoln Idealarc TIG 300/300 AC/DC Welder
1 each Miller XMT-200 Arc Welder
1 each Miller XMT-200 Arc Welder w/Spray Welding Board
1 set Weldwire WWRD-10 5-Ton Power Turning Rolls and Idlers
1 set Bowers BEC-PR-2 Power Turning Rolls w/BEC-TR-2 Idlers
1 each Bowers P250 Welding Positioner
1 each Bowers P2000 Welding Positioner
1 each Bowers BEC-P-100-6 Welding Positioner
2 each Bowers OBS-3000V Outboard Supports
1 each Bowers BEC-LM-2 Line-up Mandrel w/Extension Kit

1 each 36"x12' Vertical Air Receiver
1 each Ingersoll-Rand 15 HP 3-Cylinder Air Compressor
1 each Sullair 10-30H 30 HP Screw-Type Air Compressor
1 each Black Max 5 HP Air Compressor w/Receiver
1 each Sullivan SE 175 100 PSI Screw-Type Air Compressor
1 each Excell E-201-3000 PSI Pressure Recorder
1 each 10,000 PSIG Hydrostatic Pressure Test System

1 each Nissan 5,000# Fork Lift Truck
1 each TCM FCG3O 6,000# Fork Lift Truck
1 each TCM FHG36 8,000# Fork Lift Truck
1 each 1993 Ford F150 Stake Bed Truck
*Equipment and Capabilities Changing on an Ongoing Basis

Lambda Square, Inc • 1-800-587-5423 • Tel: 631-587-1000 • Fax: 631-587-1011

Lambda Square, Inc. specializes
in the manufacture of differential pressure flow measurement equipment including venturi tubes, orifice plate and orifice flanges, meter tubes, orifice holding blocks, orifice restriction unions, sanitary plates, single and dual chamber fittings, ASME flow nozzles, manifolds, straightening vanes, elbow flow meters, seal pots and many other liquid, gas and steam control products.
Please contact Lambda Square with any questions concerning design and custom manufacture.
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