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Condensate chambers are used as a barrier between the main line and the secondary instruments in the measurement of steam or other vapors which condense to a liquid state insuring compatibility with the secondary instruments. They can also be used to cool down very high temperature liquids. Seal pots are installed where the line fluid is corrosive or viscous to the extent where it cannot be permitted to contact the secondary instrument. (transmitter or gage) thereby acting as a liquid barrier between the line fluid and the condensate.

Connections are 3000# or 6000# welded half couplings, NPT or socket weld. Connections available in any quantity or arrangement.

Sizes: 2"-6" standard

Schedules: STD SCH, XH, XXH, Others

Material: Available in carbon steel, stainless steel, P22 and other alloy steel and other materials. Standard pipe sizes are 2" through 6" and pressure ratings for carbon steel as indicated on the enclosed chart. Connection fittings are NPT or welded socket adaptors. Chambers can be hydrostatically tested and x-rayed upon request. ISO and ISA standards are typically followed unless otherwise specified. Welding can be to ANSI 1331.1 code if required.

Typical industry applications include: refineries, power plants, chemical & petrochemical, steel plants and other process industries.

Installation can be either vertical or horizontal lines between the primary (Flow Meter) and the secondary (transmitter/gage) to act as steel or barrier to the line fluid permitting direct sensation of the flow conditions. Units should be mounted at the same level minimizing possible error that could arise due to unequal head of fluid in the connecting pressure lines.

Initial sizing of the required liquid level in the seal pots is function of the flow parameters. The basic rule of thumb is that the level in the chambers should equal the total volume of condensate in the transmitter and the sensing lines. This also complies with ASME requirements. Exact capacity is also contingent on a number of other issues including: relative humidity, Due point, pressure, flow rate, etc. Standard maintenance includes draining/filling as necessary.

Please provide the following information for a specific quotation: pipe size and schedule, material, style (location and number of taps), and quantity required.

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